|| हरि: सर्वोत्तम वायु: जीवोत्तम ||

On the holy occasion of Yugadi on April 14 Wednesday, four swamijis of Udupi have given sandesha.

On the holy occasion of Yugadi on April 14 Wednesday, four swamijis of Udupi have given sandesha.

His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Puthige Mutt said Plava samvatsara will be a bonus for all of us. We were all at sea in the corona ocean in the last one year but Lord Vishnu has sent us a boat. We can get into the boat and cross the ocean and land safely at our destination and continue our sadhana happily. 

Puthige Swamiji wants members of our community to pursue Veda / Vedanta / pourohitya / jyotishya studies and serve the Lord and society as ordained in the shastras. We need to preserve our identity, be proud of it and spread our values all over the world. Swamiji welcomes all eager sadhakas to his mutt for studies and seva to Lord Upendra Vittala and Sri Madhwacharya. A disciple of the Swamiji earlier living in Phoenix, USA, and now living in Bengaluru has recently announced that he will be sending his son to Padigar unit of Puthige Mutt in Udupi for regular school-cum-shastra studies. Others can take this person as an inspiration and do the same.  

Puthige Swamiji is also keen on all of us preserving our social and cultural identity. Marriage is a keen component of it and should help couples and their families continue religious practices as ordained in the shastras. Marriage should not just be a union of two people without regard for shastras but a religious / social contract with our elders and sages and divinity. Many youth wrongly give up japa, pooja, agnikarya, worship of kuladevaru / naga / bhoota in the name of 'freedom' or 'scientific thinking'  and then get into great problems later on. They cause harm to themselves and to society. Puthige Swamiji wants all this to be avoided, and requests all elders in our society to counsel youth constantly about the right way of living. 

Sri Vidyadheesha Theertha Swamiji of Palimar Mutt gave some excellent advice in his Yugadi message. He  referred to the practice of placing auspicious objects in a plate in front of the Lord on Yugadi and seeing the Lord in all those objects. The mirror is one such auspicious object. Swamiji said we should look into the mirror first and remove the stains in our body, the faults in our character first before pointing fingers at others. Bimba gets reflected in the pratibimba. The Lord is the bimba and we are the pratibimba. The former is always clean and beautiful. The latter is full of dirt and needs cleansing. So we should focus on cleaning ourselves and shine with devotion.

Sri Vidyesha Theertha Swamiji of Bhandarkere Mutt  wished speedy recovery to the world from the corona menace. On Yugadi we see many auspicious objects first thing in the morning, including the mirror. The best reflection of the Lord is shastras, Acharya Madhwa. If we read his life story and read his works the majesty of the Lord becomes very evident. Plava is a name of the Lord. He is the boat that will help us cross the ocean of samsara. Like bevu and bella, we should seek both misery and happiness in life. We should seek misery also in life so that we fight it and become strong. 

Bhandarkere Swamiji  has undertaken the task of renovating his moola mutt at Bhandarkere near Udupi and also his mutt branch at Girinagar in Bengaluru.  The moola mutt is a vast stretch of land housing many vrindavanas of great yatis of the past.  The strong presence of Lord Uma Maheshwara and Nagadevaru have also been indicated by clairvoyants. The Swamiji has drawn up a blueprint to restore the glory of the divine place. Devotees can support him in this holy task. At Girinagar in Bengaluru, work is on in full swing and the newly built structure is set to be opened in a couple of months.

Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji of Sode Mutt, in his message from Sode, said the Lord had taught us a lesson in the year that just ended. Corona put all of us in our place, made us humble. In the new Plava samvatsara, the same Lord will help us sail across the ocean of corona in the boat given by Him and attain success in life.