|| हरि: सर्वोत्तम वायु: जीवोत्तम ||

Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji attended the Peace Summit at Mount Hiei at Kyoto in Japan along with other world religious leaders

During 2007, Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji attended the Peace Summit at Mount Hiei at Kyoto in Japan along with other world religious leaders. He is globally respected for his progressive vision and as a champion of ecology and protection of environment. The Swamiji had the unique distinction of being elected as the President of the World Conference on Religion and Peace. One of the greatest contributions of Sri Sugunendra Threetha Swamiji in popularizing the Bhagavad-Gita was the ‘Laksha Gita Lekhana Yajna’ launched by him. The aim of the programme was that one lakh people would transcribe all the 700 shlokas contained in the Bhagavad-Gita offering their prayers to Lord Vishnu and seeking solutions to their problems. A unique feature of this Yajna was that all were free to participate in it without any distinction of caste, creed or gender. Among the pontiffs of the Ashta Mathas, Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji has manifested progressive outlook and dynamism. Along with Gita Mandira, he has been credited with the construction of the Sri Puttige Sanskrit Vidya Peetha at Puttige, The Govardhana Mandir at Bangalore Sri Krishna temples in Kolkata, New Jersey, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Toronto and in several other places in India and abroad. Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji is well versed in Vedic scriptures and has become an international spiritual celebrity. He has visited a number of foreign countries for the propagation of Hindu philosophy and spirituality as interpreted by Sri Madhvacharya. While on his foreign tours he had also met heads of state and government including George Bush, President of the United States and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. He is respected by the world leaders as the ‘messenger of peace’. He has also visited many Arab countries where he has been honored. Besides religion and spirituality, Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji has also manifested his love for culture. He has directed several dance dramas like ‘Vishwaroopa Darshana’ and ‘Aananda Mukunda’. It was in recognition of his great service to the cause of religion and his love for cultural awakening that the honor of chairing the ‘Sarva Dharma Sammelan’ in India was conferred on him at a very young age. He also played a crucial role in the World Conference of Philosophers held in India and the World Conference of Hindus held abroad. Sri Puttige Sanskrit Vidya Peetha is another brain child of Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji. The aim of this institution is to produce full-fledged priests, well versed in the science and arts of performing various rituals with spirituality. Sri Puttige Sanskrit Vidya Peetha, which provides education from the Pre-University level up to M.A. in Sanskrit, is affiliated to the Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peetha, Dehradun. The Swamiji’s multifarious activities were not confined to religious and spiritual spheres alone. He has a strong social commitment and visualizes the total welfare of people. Realizing that the problem of unemployment is not only the bane of society but also the root-cause of many evils, Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji established an institution named ‘Suyoga’ to impart training to the un-employed youth in the rudiments of selected vocations. Sensing a yearning in the minds of devout madhvas for a spiritual and cultural organization they could call their own, Swamiji set up a World-wide Madhwa Sangha called Vishwa Madhwa Sangha, with its headquarters in U.S.A and branches all over the world.
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 1, 2017