|| हरि: सर्वोत्तम वायु: जीवोत्तम ||

Trusts Under Shri Puthige Matha



Udupi is an ancient city situated in the coastal belt of Karnataka, having rich cultural heritage dating back thousands of years. One can find the greatness of this holy land even in the ancient scriptures like Puranas. The ”Krishna matha” of Udupi is a world-famous center for Krishna devotion which attracts millions of devotees from all over the world. This Krishna matha was established over 800 years ago by a great saint Sri Madhvacharya - an avatar of Sri MukhyaPrana himself, propagated the philosophy of “Tatvavada”, which later came to be known as “Dwaita philosophy”. At Krishna Matha, he (Sri Madhvacharya) consecrated a 5000-year-old idol of lord Krishna, which had come sailing on a boat from the shores of Dwaraka in the state of Gujarat to Malpe near Udupi. This is probably the testimony for the highest level of grace bestowed upon by the Lord Krishna to his staunchest devotee, - Sri Madhvacharya.

Sri Madhvacharya had also laid the foundation for 8 monasteries or mathas to support and perform the religious rituals in the Krishna matha. Shri Puthige matha is one of them. The present pontiff Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji was anointed as the 30th pontiff of Sri Matha at the age of 12. Swamiji was a disciple of “Sri Vidyamanya Theertha Swamiji'', one of the greatest scholars of Vedanta in the modern times, and studied under him.

The Puthige matha has undertaken several social, cultural, educational and other community activities through various He started SUJNANA TRUST and SHREE POORNA TRUST exclusively to undertake these activities. Donations made to SUJNANA TRUST and SHREE POORNA TRUST are exempted from tax under section 80G, and also have FCRA approval for accepting the donations from abroad.

Details of the various activities carried out by our Trusts are as shown below.

Puthige matha Trusts

Sujnana Trust

Following activities are supported by Sujnana Trust. They are briefly described below

  • Goshala at Puthige

    Cows are considered sacred in the Sanatana dharma. It is stated that Lord Narayana himself along with his eternal consort Lakshmi and other devatas (demigods) reside in the body of cow OR “Gow” in sanskrit. So, seva OR service done to the “Gow” is the service done to Lord Keshava. That means, activities like giving bath to “Gow”, feeding “Gow” and performing “Arati” to “Gow” means performing “Abhisheka”, “Naivedya” and “Arati” respectively to the Lord Govinda and his divine team at one go. Scriptures equate “GoPooja” with “Govardhana Pooja”. It is that pious and special, as it can fetch very good returns in the form of “Punya”.

    Also the scriptures state that it is the responsibility of individuals to take care of “Gows” till they breathe their last. That means, when they grow old, they should be cared-for the way old parents are cared-for by the individuals. Since it is impossible for individuals to have cattle at home now-a-days, the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the religious institutes like Sri Puthige Matha for taking-care-of cattles of all ages. However, to look after cattles in large numbers, one requires well equipped large goshalas with modern amenities. In fact, at goshalas, cattles are respected, venerated and treated with dignity.

    SriMatha already has a running goshala with over hundred cows in its moola matha and also in its branches across the country. The Maintenance cost per cow is around Rs 150 per day. Monthly maintenance cost per 100 cows is around Rs 4,50,000/-

    Future plans for Goshala

    Swamiji is planning to raise the number of cows in the Goshala attached to Moola Matha to 1000 in the near future. Also, there is a proposal to build a gobar gas (biogas) generator using the cow dung and cow urine along with other organic matter. The biogas can be used for cooking food for children and the staff at the attached VidyaPeeta. Manure made from the gobar has all kinds of micronutrients which are required for ORGANIC FARMING. Whoever has desire to donate can do so here

  • Traditional Education, under Gurukula Systems

    • Sri Puthige Vidyapeetha, Hiriyadka. (Vaidika learning Centre)

      For the past 32 years the internationally reputed Sri Puthige Vidyaapeetha at Hiriadka, has been at the forefront in imparting knowledge of paurohitya, Veda, Agama, Jotisha and Alankara Shastra, Vedantha besides English and Computer education to students. Sri Puthige Vidyaapeetha has provided thousands of PUROHITS and SCHOLARS with general education to the society till today. Every year during the month of April/May the Vidyapeetha will enroll new students. Those boys who have had their UPANAYANAM OR ready for that can join the institute.

      This year onwards is in addition to admitting students as before, boys below 10 th class will be admitted. For them,besides Vaidikavidya, general education in English and Kannada medium will be given to enable them to appear for SSLC Exam.

    • What makes Sri Puthige Vidyapeeta at Hiriyadka special?

      With large GOSHALA and the serene environment rendered by the flowing river SUVARNA nearby, Sri Puthige Vidyapeetha is conducive for seriously studying and acquiring knowledge of Vedanta holistically. This is helping us produce scholastic brahmins according to Dharma referred in Vedic Scriptures by blessing of Sthambhodbhava Ganapathi and Sthambhodbhava Lakshmi Narasimha and Lord Sri MukhyaPrana.

      Scope for higher studies

      There is an opportunity at Sri Puthige Vidyapeetha for pursuing PUC/Degree/MA (Sahithya and Vidwath) courses endorsed by Karnataka Samskrutha Vishwa-Vidyalaya, Bengaluru. There is also an opportunity to complete the course on AGAMA and TANTRASARA recognised by the Karnataka Government Religious Endowment Department, Bangalore. Those who want to pursue post-graduation along with a PhD degree courses, SRI VADIRAJA RESEARCH FOUNDATION can offer that. It is an institution run by Sri Puthige Matha at Geetha Mandir,Udupi. Opportunities for further six years of studies will be provided to outstanding students who have a desire to have a full time profession as PUROHITS,JYOTHISHKAS and VEDANTINS for lifetime.

      Vocation for Vidyapeeta graduates

      With the Blessing of Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, opportunities will be provided for those graduates who desire to render their religious services in cities like New York, London, Toronto, Melbourne, and other parts of the world and in Indian cities like Mumbai,Kolkata, Chennai, Bangaluru etc after their education.

  • General Education with dharmic values

    • Sri Puthige Vidyapeetha, Padigaru. (Vaidika and laukika learning Centre)

      SriMatha provides Vaidika (spiritual) and Laukika (general) education to poor brahmin students by giving them food and shelter at Padigaru. The campus has a hostel where students can live, and are provided with nutritious food for the overall development of their health - physical and mental. The students get to study in a school that offers general education ~ primary school to high school. Back in Matha, they are taught spiritual lessons which builds the personality of the students on a solid foundation of dharmic values.

      Future plans

      Due to increased popularity there is increased enrolment of kids seeking education and for that Swamiji is building a new hostel complex with modern amenities at Padigaru. This new complex can comfortably accommodate over 50 kids and the cost involved in doing so is over Rs. 4 Crores.

      Those who want to donate for the cause of educating poor kids, can do so here

  • Geeta Mandir guest house (GMGH) & Indraprastha GH

    If the credit for bringing lord Krishna in the form an idol made out of shaligram shila and consecrating in Udupi goes to Sri Madhwacharya, the credit for popularising lord Krishna’s teachings - Bhagavad geeta (BG) by establishing a BG research center for conducting in depth studies of the same in Udupi, should go to Sri Sugunendra Theertha of Puthige Matha. They say leading life based on the BG teachings of lord Krishna is the highest level of devotion (bhakti) one can have on the lord. Swamiji established a BG research center in Udupi to make it understandable to even common man, so that they can adapt the BG lessons in their day-to-day lives.

    The BG enthusiasts from all over the world visit Udupi for the purpose of getting in depth knowledge of the same. To make their stay in Udupi comfortable, Swamiji established GMGH & IGH with modern amenities. The guest house offers both AC and non-AC rooms with hygienic bathrooms having 24 hour clean water for bathing and for single/ double/ family occupations.

    Being amidst world-famous temples and waking up to the sound of chimes originating from Sri Krishna Matha, the stay at GMGH will be special, as the ambiance has the potential to immerse in the ocean of divinity.

    Other than that, the place being at the heart of the city, the bus stands (service and KSRTC) are just a stone throw distance away. To go to the railway station, auto rickshaw and taxi facilities are just a phone call away from GMGH. To make GMGH appealing to the millennials and to keep up with the demand from the high number of BG enthusiasts, there is a plan to expand the guest house in the near future. People who intend to donate can do so here


    In this monthly periodical, thought provoking articles on SrimannyAyasudha by Swamiji, are published every month. Along with these articles, this magazine is enriched with many educational articles by Great Scholars such as Sri Bannanje Govindacharya, Malagi JayathIrtha acharya, Sagri Raghavendra Upadhyaya , Shri Ramanathacharya and many more.

    People who want to subscribe to Suguna Mala can do so here

Shri Poorna Trust

Shri poorna trust takes care of following activities.

  • Rural education at Kemundel, Udupi.

    Man is an inseparable part of society. Hence individual education is essential for the holistic progress of society as well as individual achievement. School is a temple of education which brings forth unique harmony and cordial relations among students. Kemmandelu Higher Primary School, in Kapu Taluk of Udupi District,is one such sacred place which has contributed for the great cause of education of the rural folk. The name of the place “Kemmandelu” owes its origin to “Kamandalu” of the renowned Saint Sri Vadiraja Theertha of Udupi. This school has a history of more than a century and has imparted basic education to thousands of students in its illustrious career of more than a century starting from the year 1890. From those days when education was a mirage to the rural folk, this school has silently rendered its priceless service to thousands of rural children. Apparently, Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji was a student of this school in his childhood.

    To promote rural education, Swamiji has taken over the management of Kemundel Higher Primary School, and has contributed about more than a crore of rupees for the improvement of the school. Swamiji has provided a free bus service for the students. Midday meals, books, uniforms to the students are also provided free of cost throughout the year.

    The cost incurred per month on a student is around Rs 1,00,000. This is a kannada medium school located in an absolute rural area. This school has achieved recognition at state and district level in extracurricular activities. This school was selected from Karnataka state for the “Inspire Award” by the department of science and technology, Government of India.This school has the unique opportunity for the children to learn English and Sanskrit from the first standard itself.

    Future plans for Kemundel school

    In order to keep up with the trend, this century old school should have 21st century amenities to meet the demands of modern education. We are working on the plan to refurbish the school with a new building, sophisticated class rooms, modern infrastructure like furniture, computer lab, Library, auditorium, open air theatre, STATE-OF-THE-ART kitchen, playground, courtyard to provide opportunity for more students to realize their dream of getting quality education. We are proud and happy to have contributed in blooming the lives of our students and helped them bring success in their lives for the past one century.

    We are looking forward to donations for meeting the expenses of modernization of Kemundel school.


Benefits of Charitable Giving and Donations

The fact that charitable giving can help reduce your tax burden is well known, especially if you’re in a high bracket. But the benefits of giving extend far beyond tax breaks.whether you’re interested in the tax benefits or have altruistic motives –or a little of both – you can end up getting back a lot more than you give when you donate valuable items, cold hard cash, or even your time to your favorite causes. In fact, the emotional, social, psychological, and financial benefits of charitable giving often outweigh the satisfaction of splurging on yourself or your family.

The Benefits of Giving Things Away

  1. Activate the Reward Center in Your Brain
  2. Improve Life Satisfaction
  3. Feel Happier
  4. Protect Your Local Community
  5. Improve Key Measurements of Your Health
  6. Reduce Rates of Stress
  7. Induce Civic Engagement
  8. Improve Your Employee Morale
  9. Increase Your Community Standing.
  10. Reduce Your Tax Burden

Final Word

Interestingly, research has indicated that the people who spend the most time thinking about charitable giving are actually the least likely to give. Unlike impulsive spending, impulsively giving can bring wonderful benefits to your mind, body, and community. Then, when you’re in a position and mood to give financially, take that step right away - you’re not only benefiting the well-being of those you give to, you’re benefiting your own as well. As per the theory of Karma, “what goes around comes around”, God will give you when your time to receive has come.

Have you experienced the benefits of charitable giving in your own life?